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Why join the seminole cyclists?

Joining the Seminole Cyclists can be a smart move for your cycling needs. Riding with friends makes you accountable to something or someone greater than yourself. There is no better motivator. As a group, shared effort through drafting increases the group speed and lower the effort required. Sometimes though you need someone to push it up a gear into a zone you may not be comfortable with. "Stretching the elastic" when done purposefully can really increase your strength and fitness on a bike. It also breaks you out of any habits you pick up training alone and introduces you to other ways of accomplishing similar goals.

Advocate for safety 

Seminole Cyclists are advocates for safety. We make safety a priority for our club.  From bike mechanics to paceline communications, Seminole Cyclists guides its members to have a safe bike, ride your bike safe and ride your bike safe in a group environment. Help us make safe conditions for our club.

Promote a healthy lifestyle 

As a new member of the Seminole Cyclists, you'll find that a healthy lifestyle will enable you to meet your new challenges in group riding. Seeing other members living healthier choices, will motivate you to achieve new goals you never dreamed about.  Diet and exercise, execution and recovery, you'll see a difference in your normal daily activities. 

Broaden your friendship circle

Because Seminole Cyclists is such a diverse group, you'll be making friends with people you would otherwise never meet. We are riders  of all shapes, sizes, ages, and skill levels ranging from recreational to racing. 

Sponsorship opportunities

With a membership to the Seminole Cyclists, you will have opportunities to promote your business through sponsorship. Seminole Cyclists provide various avenues to promote our sponsors through event displays, pre-ride announcements, club social media channels and our Seminole Cyclists jerseys.

Social opportunities

As a Seminole Cyclist, you'll see that we ride our bikes, but afterwards we celebrate our hard work together too. Join us as we'll get together at a local coffee shop or pizza place to discuss our triumphs of the days ride or find out what is the next cycling adventure we plan to conquer.

Weekly group rides

Our club provides its members with a full weekly ride menu throughout the year. Get your group ride in with a group that meets your needs. 

Annual events

Our members will be able to participate in annual events that Seminole Cyclists holds or supports. We support local charity rides and fundraise together as a team. We hold awards ceremonies and get togethers to celebrate our friendships made throughout the year.

Access to members-only discounts and services

Members enjoy many benefits through discounts and services to help maintain your bike and to help support club ride addictions! A full listing of benefits are provided for members to review and take advantage.

More club involvement opportunities

Seminole Cyclists are always looking for new ideas, help and support in meeting our goal of 'We Build Strong Riders'. Ride marshals, club committees, bike associations and partnerships, sponsorships and board involvement can use your support and input!

Receive club notifications

Notifications on weekly ride updates, member related issues, safety tips and articles, and other new developments the Seminole Cyclists endeavor. 


Seminole Cyclists Cycling Club, Inc. is the Premier cycling club in Central Florida. We are a diverse group of cyclists that are located in Seminole County Florida - North of downtown Orlando. 

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Board Members:
Tony Dominguez, President
Brian Bacon, VP
Lee Lerner, VP
Laurie Menter, VP
Michael Mercilliot, VP
Gregory Miller, VP
Emily Voight, VP


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